Claire V. Bogdanos


A STATUE IN THE GARDEN ( 1974 ) 2016/06/05

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Claire V. Bogdanos

A garden sweetly fashioned to bring heart’s content,

And weary days to offer cloistered covenant,

Oh sad deserted vestige of what once had been!

A victim of time’s ravages loss unspoken,

Is this the change so wrought by frost and cold,

Forsaking goodly purpose pursue desire bold?

And seeing this past haven sorely so distressed

When hindsight recollects memories embellished,

Poor limpid damsel careless lying, now awry,

The sight of which man’s constant lack of care imply.

Unlucky pedestal tumbled by force unknown

Neglected lass unsightly, clutching wrap of stone

Once pretty maid there wasting shameful stark and bare

Inert and prone, a covert of decay now wear

Unfeeling rocks so greenly cloaked in moss o’ergrown

And so forgotten muse with aging, sleep alone.

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