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IN MY DREAMS ( 2014 ) 2014/06/10

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In the hours before the breaking of dawn

The time when stars take a moment to yawn

Just before the sun rises o’er the hill

The leaves in the trees are ever so still.

It’s the quiet that sighs passing us by

Leaving us wishing we knew how to fly

The clouds in the sky seem to beckon me

Calling my name just as though I were free.

My freedom has strings you know what that means

The one place to fly is left in my dreams !


HELPLESS ( 2014 ) 2014/01/07

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Out of the depths of darkness old

The sound of voices harsh and cold

Do echo through the silent night

Reminding one of freedoms plight

Like loneliness the runner finds

Along a road that winds and winds.


FISHTANK ( 2013 ) 2013/12/19

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I am a fish and wish to abide

Close by the sea and edge of the tide

But  the fish in me is never sure

If my atmosphere is foul or pure

And swims about with no aim in sight

As I float to make it through each night.


KEEP DREAMING ( 2013 ) 2013/11/20

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On wings of hope our dreams take flight

To carry us through troubled night

Up to the clouds above our heads

While we sleep tight upon our beds.

For dreams can be the sweetest things

As we escape on quilted wings,

Then wish no more my precious child

That days will be both kind and mild.

Our God shall greet us as we fly

Into His arms with lullaby

And sing a song there while we sleep

To cradle all the fears we keep

And waken with the mornings light

To other fortunes beaming bright !


CONUNDRUM ( 2013 ) 2013/10/11

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I feel so light I want to fly

On eagle wings into the sky

To some deep woodland far away

Where unseen creatures live and play.

To breathe the air our fathers knew

When times were kind and purpose true

There seek some spot with peace content

To ponder where our ethics went.

My arms will fail me if I try

The problem is that I  don’t fly !



NIRVANA PART 3 ( 1949 ) 2013/08/24

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While chiding thus I know my will

To live and have my life fair full

Man cannot reach the world beyond

Until he’s served his turn here on

And serving still that he may know

What fortune be before he’ll go

To sup upon Olymphia’s heights

And dwell amidst Elysian nights

So be it that untutored man

Shall feast among the days of Pan

There frolic in Calypsos glow

When God alone shall deem it so


NIRVANA PART 2 ( 1949 )

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Light be the reach of the heavens as I strive to touch some eternal place

Let me find the quarters of the gods let me bask in the warmth of their fates

Let me dream of their nectar a sacred ambrosia with delicate taste

Give me leave to pursue the immortal and gaze on their heavenly gates.

Permit me to stroll in their pastures free with hope to entwine in their grace

What I seek is sought after with peace in my heart and a smile on my face.

Life has been far more than full may its cup abound forever in this state

Of pleasure and laughter I need ought more than an occasional taste

To sustain the desire for living in this simple gracious human race,

Thus having dwelt among the gods let me return to outer mortal space

And so resign myself to that one fact which either cannot change nor pace

That life as it exists is for the living there’s not one small bit to waste.


NIRVANA PART 1 ( 1949 )

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Ah that I might fly with the wings of freedom into the light of the sun

Nevermore to return again to the deepest dark of the realm unknown

To fly as with the fleetest wings of an angel untethered and unstrung

Swiftly straight as the line of an arrow with its purpose as deadly clung.

Mild be the wind that wafts me to the end my journey thus over and done

Let there be none to feel the loss or question why once after I’ve begun

Be it done in the silent midst of their slumber far long before their sun

Rises in the shadowed sky to awake the ungodly din which could come

Soon in the wake of my dangerous flight as all regrets and hopes are flung

To the nymphs of the heavens above in the thunder of their cries belong

The tears of the ungodly and the damned the pittance of their grief now gone

To serve another master and seek another world whence to dwell upon.


I MUST FIND PEACE ( 2013 ) 2013/08/06

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When the dark shroud of night has fallen from my eyes

And the pale light of early morn bids me arise

These strange thoughts assault the synergy of my day

And I’m consumed with one wild urge to run away,

I’m sure this world rests heavily upon my mind

And keeps me foreign to the peace that I must find.


FANTASY ( 2013 ) 2013/07/23

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Sometimes I wish that I could fly         

Above the sadness that I spy     

Into the safety of the sea       

To swim with mermaids and live free .

Across the world I’d sail inside 

A fairy ship that travels wide   

On ocean waves while sea nymphs sing     

And bid me smile remembering .






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