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KIND AND TRUE ( 2016 ) 2016/05/20

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To live a life of no regret

To dream until that last sunset

To know what one is waiting for

Or how to seek the proper door,

To find a light when it grows dark

Or follow pathways in the park

To lend a hand to all who need

Or understand when one must lead,

These are the things that men should learn

When time does come to be their turn.

Our God has writ what all must do

To be His servant kind and true !


I LOVE TRAINS ( 2016 )

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I love to travel by the train

Note, I don’t mind if plush or plain

Railroad cars are the finest way

If truly seeking getaway.

There’s much to see along the track

On every side, both front and back

Oh such great joy a trip can be

Each ride filled with frivolity !

Sometimes there’s food, sometimes there’s not

But dining cars sure feed a lot

If on your trip you’re going far

There is an observation car.

It’s so much fun to go by train

I can’t wait to do it again !



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