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REMEMBERING ( 2019 ) 2019/10/18

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Today’s  a day for  reveries

Of love  and tears and  memories

Of sadness and  reproach, it seems

Of fear and of aborted dreams.

I’ve lived a life so full of pain

And will not pass this way again

I wait here in the silence of

My  lonliness  and  derth  of love.

Dear  Lord,  protect me  from myself

And place  me  on the  “keepsafe”  shelf

I know Your heart’s  with  every child

In  manner kind,   loving  and mild !



WITHOUT YOU ( 2019 )

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Oh  how I’ve dreamt that you and I

Would  be together by and by

Somewhere  upon an island near

Or  in some place that’s free of fear.

We’d chat about  our fav’rite things

Like  love and care and angel wings

I  miss your laugh and your bright smile

Though you’ve been gone a long,  long while.

It’s  been a road with ups and downs

Filled  with wise men,  some fools and clowns

I truly don’t  know  what to do

How shall I manage without you !



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