Claire V. Bogdanos


THE SETTING SUN ( 2018 ) 2018/05/14

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My heart thanks God for each new day

My mind seeks out a nobler way

I’ve tried to find some answers here

A firmer faith, a path that’s clear

While time grows wings and seems to fly

The hours add up and multiply

Before we know it, we are done

And all accept the setting sun !


4 Responses to “THE SETTING SUN ( 2018 )”

  1. Awesome way of expressing truth
    “The SETTING SUN telling mine
    See till the last I am burning mine
    For my son who want some shine
    To enlighten them and to be equine”

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  2. My just making extension hope you like

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  3. Thankful and please keep sharing more awesome posts I’m looking forward to your other posts

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