Claire V. Bogdanos

Acceptance,Knowledge,Love,New Chapter,Process,Wisdom,

UNDERNEATH YOUR SPELL ( 2018 ) 2018/03/21

Filed under: POEMS.....THOUGHTS.....MEMORIES — bogdanosclaire @ 4:55 am

Oh little bird, oh little bird

Why must the springtime take so long

Oh little bird, oh little bird

I cannot wait to hear your song

The air is crisp, the wind is clean

Your nest is built above the street

Who is the stranger on the scene

For nesting space will you compete ?

Oh little bird of fragile life

And threatened ways that you pursue

Who have you chosen for a wife

And will she be forever true ?

God enjoys you and all you do

Your joyous notes do please him well

Tis true that He’ll take care of you

He’s living  underneath your spell !



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