Claire V. Bogdanos


GOD IS MY HELP ( 2015 ) 2015/01/06

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Most times I can disguise the pain

But  there are days I truly fail

My efforts are too much a strain

And strength can be of small avail !

To help myself I keep in stride

I’m busy with a batch of things

My many hours are occupied

In silliness and smatterings !

Sometimes I find  the pain subsides

When e’er I get my faith involved

God’s peace and calm with me abides

And by His grace my pain’s dissolved !



2 Responses to “GOD IS MY HELP ( 2015 )”

  1. I’m sorry to hear you have pain in your life. Me too – so I can relate to this poem. I wish you better health in the new year.


    • Thank you, my mother had a saying which was her mantra “this too shall pass”‘, perhaps if we are very, very good it will work for us. HaHa ! Claire B. I am currently back in my 2nd home your friendly local hospital !


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