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YOU WIN ( 2017 ) 2017/10/12

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I thank you Lord, day after day

Your word does guide me on my way

I’m sure that You refill my cup

And when I fall You pick me up.

You’ve been my Friend a long, long time

Since I could stand or walk or climb

I never would have made it through

Without the help I’ve had from You.

I promise You, dear Lord, today

Small matter what the world may say

There are no doubts about who’s Boss

In any game You win the toss !



“PLAY BALL” ( 2017 ) HOMAGE TO LOU GEHRIG 2017/07/09

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There was a man who did “play ball”

Aft all the years most still recall

An icon who did make this game

The key to his unending fame.

A humble man of wit and length

So lank and lean and full of strength

A simple man and faithful too

The game seemed to be what he knew.

He gave his all it cost his life

Thank God he chose the proper wife

Tis sad that heroes oft die young

Long fore their praises will be sung !





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