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THROUGHOUT ETERNITY ( 2018 ) 2018/06/09

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I’m only as strong as God allows me to be

And I’m only so wise when He needs me to see

I value those lessons that I’ve ever been taught

And treasure each of the dreams in which I’ve been caught.

I’ve tried quite hard to be at the top of my class

Only to learn there’s a good chance that I’m the last

I thank You dear Lord, You have  remained here with me

I pray we’re together all through eternity !


TWO SHIPS ( 2014 ) 2014/03/07

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There were two souls long lost at sea

They sailed so far but couldn’t see

One steady course to set them free.

They traveled past the great divide

And cruised the world on either side

There seemed no chance they would collide.

They traveled hard and traveled long

And tried to fit and to belong

In foreign waters filled with song.

Remembering God loves us all,

Perhaps one day it will befall

No matter where that port of call !


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