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THE LORD AWAITS ( 2019 ) 2019/03/16

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I thought my heart was in a bind

Because true love I could not find

No matter what I came up blank

Nothing was left on which to bank.

I’ve often wondered what went wrong

Why did it take so very long

My life’s been filled with true regret

There’s been no happy ending yet.

And chances are there never will

My stars are crossed, romance is nil

At last I am too old to care

Thank God my Lord awaits me there !



WHO KNOWS (2019) 2019/02/25

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When I was young I used to pray

That I would be a mom one day

I’d raise my offspring to be good

And do the things that children should.

I’d hoped that we’d fulfill the dream

It was a lock or so it seemed

The angels watched from up above

And filled their heads with care and love.

But love is not enough to save

Each one of them from perils grave

There is no way that we may know

Wherein life’s tragedies will grow.

In winds of war or illness great

Who knows the time or day or date ?



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