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GOD BLESS ( 2020 ) 2020/03/18

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Too soon,  my  Lord,  I  give and share

For You,  my dreams  of  hope and  care

Begin  and  end  in  joyful  praise

I  beg of  You,   Your peaceful  ways.

Protect me  Lord,  I’ll ask  no more

Than  that Your  heart’s  an open door

That  offers  me a  final  choice,

Lift  up my  heart and  hear  my voice !




THE ECHOES ( 2020 )

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Oh blessed Lord, do hear my plea

Have pity on a child like me

I am Your servant sad and low

That folows ever where You go

I wait Your Word with rapid breath

For I am Yours until my death.

There is no day without Your Light

Nor any love that shines so bright

The angels sing Your praise on high

Their voices reaching for the sky

The flutter of their wings is heard

They echo every single word.

I love You Lord and always will

Until earth’s sounds at last are still !


FOUL OR FAIR ( 2020 )

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Oh how my love plays tricks on me

And gathers up my sympathy

My eyes are full of sweet surprise

With all the joy of each sunrise

Observe God’s will with constant heart

Stay true to values from the start

Believe in your own destiny

Keep faith alive and courage free

Always remember God is there

To save us whether foul or fair !


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