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AFTER EACH FALL ( 2020 ) 2020/01/18

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When  I  was sweet sixteen,  long time ago

The  world was all  mine to worship and grow

I  promised me that I’d try hard to  be

The  bestest girl  that anyone could see.

I’d  make  my mark with the greatest of ease

Doing  whatever it would take  to please

Now  life has come and gone with  fewer dreams

Leaving  me falling  apart at the seams.

I’m  sure that the Lord  will always be there

To  buck up my shoulders,  teach me to care

While  I’ve  discovered after  beaucoup  years

To  make peace with  myself,  dry up my tears

Cause  it’s not the results  that count at all

It’s  whether you rise up  after each fall !



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