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LIFE’S LENGTH ( 2019 ) 2019/07/25

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I had a talk with myself today

Hoping to find a much better way

To cope with life and its ups and down

Learn to be happy and lose your frown

Take a moment and rethink your goal

Deep down inside your heart and your soul.

Be slow to anger, avoid the strife

Try to be pleasant most of your life

Remember the Lord, He is your strength

And is with you for all your life’s length !



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So often that I’ve wished to be

The star upon your Christmas tree

A candle on your birthday cake

And privy to each wish you make.

I prayed quite hard that you and I

Would be together by and by

And now my world is part of yours

You’re my umbrella when it pours.

There is  a  God who watches o’er

His children that He does adore

I’m positive He loves us all

And picks us up ere we should fall

I’m sure He knew that we might be

In  love for  all  eternity !





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