Claire V. Bogdanos


FOREVER HIS ( 2018 ) 2018/03/06

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Along life’s road I lost my way

I’ve traveled far, I learned to pray

Twas there I found my greatest gift

The love of God to heal and lift.

I’m not alone and just like you

I’d like to see my dreams come true

While all the wishes I conceive

Are not the ones I may receive.

Whatever God decides it is

I’m sure I am forever His !


2 Responses to “FOREVER HIS ( 2018 )”

  1. My dear Maureen, glad to hear from you ! I have been once again sidelined by the maladies of life, this time however I am still confined in a facility new to me ! Been here since before my 87th birthday with no inkling as to when I shall resume real life ! Banged up pretty bad this time, casts on left hand, the one that writes, head, face, knees, ankle and rearend, what a mess, hahahaha. Just trying to walk now, but I have faith this too shall pass ! I write best as I can, thank God and man for stylus and Ipad ! I just seem to lose my balance. Keep well and God bless you and yours ! Sincerely, Claire B.


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