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HALLOWEEN ( 2017 ) 2017/10/31

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Oh goblins and spooks, skeletons and ghosts

These are the spirits who play today’s hosts

Pirates, buccaneers are part of the game

All masquerading to act in the name.

As All Hallows Eve the world knows it best

With bonfires and masks the Celts showed their zest,

Marking the end of summertime’s lush

Embracing the dark of cold, snow and slush !



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I wish that I could tell you why

The grass is green and  blue’s the sky,

That clouds are white but sometimes gray

Which indicates a rainy day.

I really do not have a clue

If bluebirds all are colored blue

Or if a robin’s breast is red

What color could it be instead ?

I’d like to think there is a plan

That’s meant to help me understand

Why  colors are of such import

Among the many things we’re taught.

There are issues labeled  black and white

Does that mean everything’s alright ?

Imagine life as  colorless,

This world of ours would be a mess !


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