Claire V. Bogdanos


DECLINE AND FALL ( 2017 ) 2017/05/26

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Tis true that tears are often sweet

That courage rises from defeat,

That wisdom needs to curb its cheek

With all those words that it may speak.

While silence is the calmest way

To channel all our fears away

It’s working hard that is the call

To save us from decline and fall !





2 Responses to “DECLINE AND FALL ( 2017 )”

  1. thebehaviourcatalyst Says:

    I would say beautifully “Handcrafted “

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, there is a piece written by Sir Edward Dyer in the latter 1580s, My mind to me a kingdom is, a mere 48 lines that has affected me my entire life ! It is indeed my crucible or a creed ! Please peruse and tell me if you find it an eye opener 500 years too late ! Perhaps I am too intense, however it speaks for me as nothing I could ever have imagined, hahahaha, and fills my life with its power ! And its beauty !


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