Claire V. Bogdanos


TO MOTHERS ( 2017 ) 2017/05/15

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I cannot bear the thought of life without

Their special love that never leaves a doubt

A love that permeates the air we breathe

That has not learned to lie or to deceive !






2 Responses to “TO MOTHERS ( 2017 )”

  1. How are you Claire?

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  2. Good morning, it is 9AM here, and I’m behind schedule, if you will, thanks for the concern ! Not bad, not great, hahaha, just trying to make it through day by day, it’s sort of half working, at least I’m up ! Walking is another problem. I have lived alone for so many years, I realise that this era of my existence must soon come to an end ! God and I are still friends, like distant relatives, hahaha ! Without faith I would waste away instantly ! Two of my sons showed up yesterday, Mother’s Day, the other two called and I spoke with a few of my grandchildren by phone. It was pleasant and I am appreciative ! How about you ? You appear to be so self sufficient , the American ideal of pioneers on the other side of the world ? I am curious about that ! Be well and keep safe ! Love, Claire


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