Claire V. Bogdanos


I’M ON MY OWN ( 2017 ) 2017/01/05

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Goodbye’s a word I cannot bear

It means that you’re no longer there

I can’t believe that you have flown

And left me here, I’m on my own

How shall I know when all is lost

And who is left to pay the cost ?

The time has come, the clock’s run out

I’ve no strength left to cry or shout

Somehow I think there is no cure

The end is near of this I’m sure

God help me now to constant be

As I embrace eternity !


2 Responses to “I’M ON MY OWN ( 2017 )”

  1. those we have lost are closer than we think…


  2. Thank you, you always seem to understand. I pretty much remain on my own, and am quite content with the company, hahahaha, be well, may God bless us all and keep us safe in these perilous times !


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