Claire V. Bogdanos


LIBERTY ( 2016 ) 2016/10/30

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There was a greenish statue that on an islet stood

When I was but a child too nearby my neighborhood

We did pay small attention, we called her Liberty

She was this grand figure that you couldn’t help but see.

With every place I’ve lived she was always in my sight

You could not escape her glance not morning, noon or night

She’s still there in the harbor exposed for all to see

A symbol of our freedom and still called Liberty !




2 Responses to “LIBERTY ( 2016 )”

  1. wonderful – America is going through tough times right now


  2. Thank you, we sure are ! The world is not seeing the chaos of our reality, as people are being shot in the cities by drive-by ! Have you seen any of the pics of the Trump rallies, it is like an insanity with the rioting of blacks and the islamic crowds demanding they take crosses off churches, madness ! But life goes on, each day police are killed and wounded by unknowns trashing stores, the latest being that Obama has signed executive orders enabling the UN troops to take control of our streets if the election should go astray, but the country is actually behind Trump in the millions, and for the first time the people are afraid to speak ! The internet takes down posts that appear to tell the truth or seem to be anti- Clinton or Kerry, they took down mine, can you imagine that ? They change the words we write, who does that in this day and age ? Who the blazes has the time to restrict freedom of speech here ? We do not know what will happen this last week, already ballots are being destroyed daily, unimaginable. These are sad times indeed ! Be well and pray for us !


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