Claire V. Bogdanos


I WONDER ( 2016 ) 2016/10/28

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I may wander in the twilight until my life is o’er

And wonder if I understand what hope is really for ?


2 Responses to “I WONDER ( 2016 )”

  1. hope is a doorway into the light ❤


  2. Sorry, been distractedof late, how are you doing ? Been so preoccupied with family health matters, never thought of anything else lately, 5 of immediate family dealing with life threatening issues at one time! I’m the perennial patient but they are the ones with lives in jeopardy, strange ? My sons range up to 60 years old, I feel helpless but need to be the cheering squad now! Be well, keep healthy and safe, we are living in strange times ! God help us all !


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