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MONUMENT ( 2016 ) 2016/09/11

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There’s a wall rises by the sea

That resonates past treachery

With fountains, trees and marble cold

And names to last through eons old.

Remembering this is our choice

Our dead shall never lose their voice

But cry aloud so all should hear

There’ll be no tyrant here to fear

This is our home twill ever be

Land of the brave forever free !

.                 (  TO HONOR THIS DAY )


NOT MUCH TO ASK ( 2016 )

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I find now that I little care

About my future, what I wear

I’m more concerned bout who I am

Not if my eggs are served with ham.

I’ve tried my best to stand up tall

To give my God the best of all

And spread His word across the land

By word of mouth and clasp of hand.

I will not fail, I know my task

That’s not so very much to ask !


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