Claire V. Bogdanos


IN HIS HAND ( 2016 ) 2016/07/12

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Our Lord in heaven up above

Does spread His undeserved love

Do you believe that He is there

To hear each sad or wishful prayer ?

I’d like to think that it is true

He’s listening to me and you

And hears our thoughts before we speak

In English, Farsi, French or Greek,

Perhaps one day we’ll understand

That all our dreams are in His hand !


2 Responses to “IN HIS HAND ( 2016 )”

    • Good morning, thanks, hope you are doing okay ! Today I am off to hospital to take test to see if I qualify as kidney donor if needed for my son, then onto Harborview to visit Deno with my friend Alba who is going to give him manicure, haha ! A busy day indeed, I will then be out of commission for at least 2 days afterwards, haha ! Need to recuperate after all that ! Where are we all going to wind up ? Haven’t a clue ? I pray you keep in God’s care ! C.


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