Claire V. Bogdanos


SECOND CHANCE ( 2015 ) 2015/08/03

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I am this person old and gray

Who’s reaching out to you today

I beg you please to take my hand

I’ll lead you through God’s promised land.

The trees are tall, the flowers sweet

God’s goodness shines on every street

The weather’s neither hot nor cold

It takes forever to grow old.

There are no wars or pestilence

And folks possess good commom sense

What can this be, you ask of me

My dear, it’s God’s heredity !


2 Responses to “SECOND CHANCE ( 2015 )”

  1. Glorialana Says:

    I am young and my hairs are gold,
    Happy music is in my headphones,
    Noisy street is dancing under feet,
    The second chance is to feel this beat!

    Happy day!


  2. HaHa, thanx ! Claire B.


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