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DO NOT FALL( 2017 ) 2017/04/10

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I have often thought of that early morn

After sweet Jesus as a babe was born

He was heralded by the stars above

Filled with God’s blessing and the angels’ love.

There in a foreign land so long ago

On a path that would lead this world to know

That He was the sign  we were waiting for

The key that could open God’s sacred door.

Oh, learn what a path that he had to take

To save mankind from poor Adam’s mistake

We need to remember once and for all

He’s sent to guide us so we do not fall !



TOO NEAR ( 2016 ) 2016/05/23

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Rage, rage against the breaking dawn

Rage, rage against the coming storm

And silent let the pressure swell

Unto the world our sadness tell,

This story of its own demise

That happens here before our eyes.

For what is there the heart must ask

To bring to us a greater task ?

Our Lord in heaven see and hear

The ending grows too close, too near !





THE BIRTH ( 2014 ) 2014/11/22

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The stars shine bright

The moon’s aglow


The sheep bleat baa

The cattle low


The camels rest

The birds are still


All is quiet

Upon the hill


A brightness floods

The skies above


As we received

God’s gift of love !


IF I WERE A LION (2014) 2014/06/28

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There are some times I’d like to be

A lion king who wanders free

Among tall grasses on the plains

With tawny skin and curly manes,

Ferocious roar and lazy ways

Keen sense of smell with steady gaze !

It might be great to share the den

With faithful Daniel way back when

He slept with lions in the cave

While God above did his life save,

Exposing those who compromised

And schemed to cause Daniel’s demise !


DANGER LURKS ( 2014 ) 2014/04/19

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I love you Lord please stay with me

Forsake me not hear this my plea

The holy words that I was taught

Sustain me now whilst I am caught

In this vast web of infamy

Which plots to mask our history !

Its power shows this evil force

As it pursues its primal course

To mock our God and all His works

It is in darkness danger lurks,

Preserve us please with dignity

Until the day at last we’re free !




INNOCENCE ( 2013 ) 2013/12/02

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The church bells rang so sharp and clear

Sweet peal of music on the ear

Echoed nightly from the steeple

Calling all the faithful people

To worship with the Christmas child

Who blissful sleeps in manner mild.

His arms reach out to woo them in

Help rid us all of vice and sin

This simple babe brings worldly peace

And from our grief grants us release.


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