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WISTFUL ( 2016 ) 2016/02/01

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I am grown bold and chance to have the thought

To exit from this web in which I’m caught

A web spun of old thread and newer dreams

Escape’s not always easy as it seems !


I’D LIKE TO BE A SNOWBIRD ( 2015 ) 2015/10/27

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The winter winds of change creep round the bend

As late fall exits after summer’s end

The icy gray grip of frosty morning

Is the master of each daily dawning.

I hear the cold sounds rasp upon my ear

Increasing as the year end grows quite near,

Oh to join that moving mass exodus

And escape this winter’s freeze and excess !


I SAW AN OWL ( 2015 ) 2015/10/14

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I saw an owl perched in a tree

He meant to hide himself from me

He seemed so quiet, somber, wise

I was not fooled by his disguise.

Oh mister owl you cannot sing

What message is it that you bring

You turn your head and blink your eyes

You will not win a beauty prize.

It is your wisdom that we seek

But who can learn, you do not speak

This wizened omen of the day

He turned his head and flew away !


ESCAPE ( 2015 ) 2015/08/13

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Just close your eyes, what do you hear

The sound of chaos on your ear ?

Oh what a joy that it would be

To hear the surf beside the sea

Or deep within a leafy glade

To cherish sounds God’s creatures made

Or like the quiet of the air

You sense in fields as you stroll there.

But all that I can do today

Is shut the windows, run away !


ZOMBIES ( 2015 ) 2015/08/01

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I look around what do I see

A world that’s built on fantasy

It’s all about the vampire’s touch

Super heroes, witches and such.

While Spiderman or rich Bruce Wayne

Are concepts both wild and insane

Star Wars, Aliens and Doctor Who

Bewitched, Bedazzled, through and through.

I find my world is quite enough

I’m not yet ready for this stuff

I fear for what may be in store

Seems true, nothing’s real any more !


RUNAWAY ( 2015 ) 2015/07/28

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Oh Cinderella are you still there

Is that you hiding beneath the stair

I’m sorry if your life went awry

I know you’ll give it another try

There’s a lesson I have learned from you

To myself I shall remain true blue.

And when my back is against the wall

I won’t be shy I will make that call

One-eight-hundred fairy A-I-D

Won’t you please come and help set me free

I’ve been a grownup for far too long

It’s time I chose to just tag-along !


CLIPPED WINGS ( 2015 ) 2015/07/20

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There is a bird still sings to me

From way up high in God’s great tree

He sings so sweetly in the air

Sometimes I wish he weren’t there

Because he makes me think that I

Would follow him if I could fly

While birds were born to fly and sing

Both you and I wear God’s clipped wings !


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