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CHOICES ( 2014 ) 2014/02/16

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God grants us all a wider choice

In learning how to use our voice

To make our way and do the right

From early morn through harried night.

Pursue the course and do the best

To forge our way and pass the test

This is one task we cannot fail

The stakes are high we need prevail.

No matter what decisions made

One can’t escape or chance evade

The simple act of courage bold

To choose new ways or keep the old.

My last reaction’s brash and hard

Like Abraham, I will choose God !


INCOMPLETE ( 2014 ) 2014/02/14

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The tears that fall are bittersweet

The cause for me remains discreet

I find that tears should hidden be,

A secret twixt my God and me.

So query then what I shall find

Before my days cease to unwind

I question what my future holds

As life before me now unfolds.

The answer echoes through the maze

And complicates remaining days

For lives will end though incomplete

In victory or in defeat !


FOLLOW THE SUN ( 2014 ) 2014/02/13

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God is my true compass along lifes road

He channels my ship no matter the load

He bellows the wind and pushes the tide

Wherever I go, He travels beside.

I’ve known for awhile I am not alone

How patient He when my goal is unknown

In the terrible tempest living brings

He’s there at the helm and when the bell rings.

We’ve traveled quite far soon our journey’s done

We’re off to the west to follow the sun !



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Life has taught me so many things

To walk with God and sup with kings

To speak with angels and the saints

Enjoy the pictures nature paints,

To love myself and show respect

To souls who suffer from neglect,

To treasure peace and do my part

To heal lifes pain and ease the heart.

This precious gift I wish to share

Bears this label, “handle with care”

I pray I will not fail this cause

God help me please to tame my flaws !


VALENTINE ( 2014 )

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A lacy heart, a tender tug

A gentle kiss, a loving hug

We have no need to lovers be

Since friendship binds both you and me.

We have been friends a long, long time

When we all knew a kinder clime

Though days of old are long forgot

We comprehend forget-me-not !


SOON ( 2014 ) 2014/02/12

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Oh blessed Lord, please hear my plea

I beg of You remember me

My face is not my crucial part

I offer You my loving heart.

It beats so hard I cannot hear

My puzzled thoughts are rife with fear

My cause is just, my trust is true

Accept my faith, it came from You.


WIND AND ICE ( 2014 )

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The crystal beads that hug the trees

All together bright and shining

A stunning show of winter freeze

Icy wind and rain combining.

The diamond glaze that rings this space

And ever keeps us expecting

Soon disappears without a trace

As first sun begins reflecting !


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