Claire V. Bogdanos


FANTASY ( 1977 ) 2013/04/28

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I have built myself a fortress not made of mortar and stone

Its windows draped in make- believe, doorposts hung with hope unflown.

I’ll dwell in this castle forever that’s built aside a hill

To blanket those sounds of reality lingering cold and chill.

The walls are painted with laughter as mellow as morning light

And the floors are set with marble in various moods of bright.


I’ve cushioned each lonely settle with pillows that sing out loud

And brought in a bit of heaven that rests above like a cloud,

I’ve garnered inside with flowers to bring the outdoors within

Assured when the winds of time blow bold my sunshine will begin.

Each room has a view of a garden with pine trees ever tall

Shutters to bar the sight of the things I refuse to recall.

I may bide in this place till never, safe from the outside pain

Like a child in storybook fashion who yearns to try again.


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